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Neuroștiințele în psihiatrie – curiculă de carantină [NNCI]

Un curs gratuit de 14 zile oferit de NNCI - National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative.

The COVID epidemic is posing countless challenges to our health care system (to say nothing of society as a whole).

Now more than ever, we should embrace the idea that education is not a zero-sum game: the current crisis is an opportunity for educators to work together to create shared learning opportunities that can benefit everyone.

To this end, the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative has convened a broad team to create a 14 day „Quarantine Curriculum.” The curriculum is designed to capture foundational concepts in modern psychiatric neuroscience and make them clear and accessible (and fun!) through a series of self-study resources and on-line, interactive experiences. The curriculum will be run in real time, with each day focusing on a specific theme. All materials (including recordings of the live class sessions) will then be freely available afterwards via the NNCI website so that individuals can complete them on their own.

While the intended audience is psychiatry residents and fellows, we anticipate that materials will be equally useful across the full spectrum of UME, GME, and CME audiences — all participants are welcome!

The curriculum will begin on Wednesday, March 18th. We will announce each day’s theme and materials via emails to the AADPRT and ADMSEP list-serves and via Twitter — look forward to seeing everyone on-line!

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